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How to get out from German domination

Translation of the 2 mails about this subject here in English :

Subject: Copy of my contribution on the french site granddebat.fr: WAR: always useless, EVIDENCE: FRANCE still dominated by GERMANY, and others

 - Mr. Emmanuel Macron President of the French Republic
 - Mr Donald Trump President of the United States
 - Frau Angela Merkel die Deutsche Bundeskanzlerin

 Mr. President of the French Republic,

 Hitler as we know invaded FRANCE during the war of 39-45.
 It had claimed millions of lives in combat.

 My father did not want to make war, but France had forced him, requisitioned by force.  Freedom, equality, brotherhood ....?
 He had almost died in a concentration camp taken prisoner from the start, with dysentery after 2 years.

 Fortunately then he had been assigned to a farm there because he was a farmer and had recovered.

 Then the so-called famous "LIBERATION" ultra destructive, are we out of the domination of GERMANY ?

 Seeing this on a few key points:

 - ROCKETS: hitler before launched a space research program with Herbert von Braun
 Now FRANCE with GERMANY have a common project in Kourou in Guyana.  It is a huge pollution and for what?

 - NUCLEAR: Hitler wanted NUCLEAR, now it is FRANCE which sells nuclear energy to Germany when it needs it.  So the Germans benefit without ... its risks.
 When we also see the nuclear tests done in the south of Algeria or in the French overseas departments and territories it is quite destructive, 150,000 people victims for all these tests.  France is like under Hitler's orders for nuclear power.

 - VACCINATION: under Hitler vaccination was compulsory in Germany.  When he died, for example, we went from 60,000 polio deaths per year to 40,000.
 France has taken up this pure aberration.

 - Hitler wanted Africa but to stay in Germany.
 France does the same.  No emigration to Central Africa when it would be ideal for humans

 - Hitler was an artist, he discussed with his relatives art painting music, ..
 France has a ministry of CULTURE in the figurative sense and a contempt for agriculture the proper meaning of the word culture is despised

 - Hitler had the cult of the city.  He once said privately that BERLIN would be the most beautiful city in the world
 snapping boots.  
France has the cult of the city, Paris the most beautiful city in the world, and cities are in the spotlight, the countryside is considered as disaster zones we hear sometimes in the media, and the tropics,  areas with soil cultivation, underdeveloped areas, from "underdeveloped" countries
 He was thus a great enemy of humans and the environment.

 - Hitler had great admiration for his language, believing it almost perfect, and did not do any research to have a better language
 similarly in France, there is total laziness for this objective.  Just a sociological look made for example UMBERTO ECO

 On the question of nuclear deterrence, nuclear power has never been for nothing.
 I had read on a book criticizing nuclear power that contrary to what one might think, the 2 nuclear bombs which exploded in Japan did not make the emperor abdicate.
 It was just because of the Russian military forces arriving in the capital that he risked being caught that he had abdicated.
 So nuclear was never used for anything in war.

 We see recently for the war in Syria, the bombing destroyed the ground, humans had to flee.
 And also we have not eradicated terrorism.

 The main point is to understand why we are invaded.

 France is still invaded by Germany because it lags behind in certain natural areas.
 When I look at wikipedia for my research on animals or fruits, wikipedia is quite empty in French.  I go to English, and I also see that in German it is often better filled than in English.
 As I know a little German I can understand google translation errors.  So I have to read a few words in German as if we were under German domination.

 A general principle that I observe in plant and animal creation seems to apply perfectly to the question of war victim or warrior or not: parasitism, idea of ​​environmentalists:
 when a fruit is attacked by an insect it is malnourished.
 The bad solution is a police by ladybug predators who eat aphid parasites for example, or a warlike destruction by chemical, in both cases the fruit is still malnourished.
 The right solution is to properly feed the fruit tree.  This is what IRABE research says.
 (But France, the institute of INRA had cut the budgets of this research director, CHABUSSEAU, on that, because of agrochemical lobbies which would have had the profits which would have decreased, BAYER - which is German, MONSANTO ,.  ..)

 I speak of the criticism of Germany in another proposal to give an idea of ​​how to be well nourished and free oneself from Germany, without war or struggle, with education.

 The other proposal will be in my next email.

 Please accept, Mr. President, the expression of my highest consideration.

 Eric Oullereau

 private research for real rejuvenation by good equatorial orchards cultivated with elephants

The next mail :

Your message :

 Subject: Completeness of my contribution to the 2019 French state website granddebat.fr entitled

 "To get out of GERMAN, WESTERN, OXIDIZING domination"


 - Mr. Emmanuel Macron President of the French Republic

 - Mr Donald Trump President of the United States

 - Frau Angela Merkel die Deutsche Bundeskanzlerin

 Mr. President of the Republic,

 Here is the content of my proposal "get out of GERMAN, WESTERN, OXIDIZING domination"


 continuation of the previous one:

 "Are there other points on the organization of the State and the public services on which you would like to express yourself?

 At the end of the 2nd World War, industrialists from German agriculture (Bayer, ...) made fun of French agriculture with cows and little demand for chemistry.

 After the war Germany made fun of France because it was farming like it used to be, with cows.

 It had given the wrong chemical direction.

 France unfortunately followed it.

 Rather do the opposite: for example this model of agriculture in France was criticized

 My farming father, 

without a diploma, 

in self-training,

 as a couple, with my mother, 

had a dog who supervised 

a herd of cows grazing

 on grass in a field of his property of about 17 ha in the Girondin countryside.  'Aquitaine a little humid, a place falsely said with temperate climate, with seasons.

 I plan, having made audits and tests, 

without diploma, 

by self-training, 

in couple, 

to have a couple of bonobos, who will supervise 

a couple of elephants who will prune

 good fruit trees in a good orchard of about  7 ha (?)

 In an equatorial warm ans wet area, which over time would be really regulated, without season, temperate.

 So I listen to their criticism of their use of cows,

 but go the opposite way for their chemically backtracking suggestions,

 to go forward, progress using elephants and in the normal zone, not like Germany, a country even colder than France, but in a warm and humid zone, pleasant.

 I said that the internet is very developed for information on animals and fruits on Wikipedia.

 But to have a great knowledge of the essential is something else.

 More specifically I went to Wuppertal in a zoo, see my page on this subject showing their ignorance : https://rajeunissement.jimdo.com/animal/bonobo-et-créatures-à-mains-agiles-with-agile-hands/régime-frugivore-et-folivore-compris-à-l-envers-pour-les-grands-singes-anthropoïdes-et-petits-singes-zoo-de-wuppertal/

 I'm doing practical research on the frugivorous diet.

 They are at a standstill on this subject, this is the proof.

 Likewise another time I saw the game with the elephants,

 they did not know that they could prune fruit trees and that it was better for the environment.

 For the language, German is much more phonetic than French, and the words are quite distinct when they are pronounced.

 I am working to replace the long and not very explicit names in Latin with words in a more functional and therefore more functional language than in German.

 And later for the language completely.

 I found Germany cleaner than France 20 years ago, its farms.

 Now I realize that they are very dirty because with very dirty food, poor quality fruit and no good taste, without any measure with what it will be in a GOOD ORCHARD equatorial by taking the very ripe fruits on the plant and the  eating right away.

 So I will never be invaded to destroy my orchard.

 Germans will come to have the same type of ORCHARD next to it.  We will be 2 neighboring countries like France and Germany but without any invasion of each other, or with each other. "

 I enclose my extract of more than 200 pages where I show the link between natural language and its (unpublished) alphabet and the culture of a good orchard for optimum health, rejuvenation it seems to me.

 I have a DEUG in mathematics and physics, "science and structure of matter" according to the diploma.

 But I totally agree with this following idea:

 The naturalist Buffon said that animal and plant creation is much more complex than mathematics.

 The laws for the construction of a good fruit in a tree are much more complex than the primitive natural laws of its fall V = 1/2 GT2 for example.

 These pages that I give you contain only 20 pages of vocabulary out of the 169 that I tried to fill in essay, to see if all the basic words (more than 5600 words) of this new language could be placed on the orchard.

 It is in several parts because the site editor Jimdo only allows me files of 10 MB at a time on these pages:


 (the introduction of the language in connection with the orchard, and all the animals here, and the idea of ​​arrangement of the words in the 1st pages)


 (Pages on the structured classification of fruits and plants)


 (agriculture pages)


 I put a password to access it "classification naturelle".

 I am at the disposal of your collaborators for any further information.

 Please accept, Mr. President, the expression of my highest consideration.

 Eric Oullereau

 private research for real rejuvenation by good equatorial orchards