Grande différence entre le bien et le mal pour la culture du sol et l'environnement

(de Eric Oullereau)


grande différence entre vouloir de bons fruits et aimer les boucles d'oreilles, par rapport à la culture du sol et l'environnement, le climat


(Les photo. des femmes sont prises de l'article de wikipedia en anglais "earrings")


Big gap between good and evil for the culture of the ground and the environment :



big difference between the will of good fruits and to like earrings, with regard to the culture of the ground and the environment, the climate


( Photo. of women are taken in the article of wikipedia in English " earrings ")



good culture, and in the first meaning of the word

good fruit with good culture and good air

inferior culture, with the first meaning

apple : hard fruit, and pubescent, allergenic,

from 1/2 arid and 1/2 cold part with a short time of production

culture in the figurative meaning, a drawing

drawing of the hard fruit, apple

the false culture, custom which means sewing, and we see that it is like sewing in the body a needle, and we see a hard wire with it.

   round earring, like fruit or pearl, when seen along the front of (but hard), and a little cruel to see

earring not round, more cruel to see

very cruel earrings

all in total opposition to climat by compacting the soil

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