internet pollutes very much.

With that project it will not be internet in this area.

The main use would be for the 3 P according to the film "Whose's afraid of Google ?"

see this meaning of the 3 p in the page

Signification des 3 P : Pilule, porno, poker   Meaning of the 3 P : pill, porn, poker


I have seen also that the biggest traffic on internet would be with youtube the 2nd one in alexa rank but with the most consumption of MB because it is videos.

And among this videos it would music with clip which would be the most visited.

So Music would be the most costly part of internet, even it is not with the biggest number of persons who use it.

So music is very deep cancer for environment.

Music was for war.

Internet was created for war.

So the link is clear.

And those who listen to music do not care about envrionment according to my Survey, or just with hypocrisy as do the ecologists., like warriors.

And ecology is the key support of war as you can see in the pages 


- natural order on earth with bonobo and elephant compared to the terrorist order of ecology 

natural order in water compared to wicked, diabolic ecologic order