Complicity of religious and scientifics to the increase of ladyboys

Complicité des religieux et de scientifiques pour l'augmentation de transgenres



There is a big part of the complicity of religious with the perversion of transforming a man in a ladyboy, linked also with corrupted scientifics :


Principle of rejuvenation is in total opposition with the view of ladyboys or religious.

Christians, Jews and muslims are accomplice with the very high number of ladyboys in Philippines for example,  for different reasons :

- 1/ circumcision is to reduce the normal use of the male organ, so the boy will think more to inferior way, anal way

-  2/ Catholics did worse in cutting the canals of testicule 500 years ago for keeping the voice of young boy more feminine

-  3/ they avoid the key use of the mate of the other sex : not to have children (we are too numerous now, also) but the exchange of genital liquids between the faithful mates, so

- 4 / the absence of need of pills for women because sperm is contraceptive,
and so the foolishness of young boy to take the pills also

- 5 / the contempt of real good fruits, and worship of the opposite, of wine in Bible and coran, delicious wine in paradise => genital liquid bad..


So we see the hypocrisy of religious who say that is bad but by their teaching are accomplice with that destruction of the body of the man (ladyboy).


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