Liste des pages avec images et comparaison quaternaire / list of pages with pictures and quaternary comparison


advance into time of creation with vision of "structured creation" - progression dans le temps de la création structurée

why antispecism is worse - plus grave - than racism
natural vision about animal kingdom compared to the wild / artisanal / industrial visions

natural way of observation of the animals compared to the 3 other famillies of observation
structured classification of animals / classification structurée des animaux

natural order in water compared to wicked, diabolic ecologic order
structured classification of mammals, with bonobo and elephant / classement structuré des mammifères

natural order on earth with bonobo and elephant compared to the terrorist order of ecolog
sight improvement : natural view, the best
la folie des talons aiguille / the disgress to folishness to stiletto heels : "increased woman" transhumanist
earrings, piercing : total fake, swindle, sado-masochism, barbarity, barbare
importance of memory for human being
what is the most important ? memory or intelligence ?

"Qui veut faire l'ange (au sens religieux) fait la bête" : faux, fait moins que robot

culture, environnement
recycling - recyclage : naturel (vrai) / 1/2 natural / of degrowth - de décroissants / superficial ecology /usual industrial recycling
good environment and tourism compared to ecotourism and other not natural views
deep gap between good fruits and art, earrings, building

real frugivore, good fruits and health / vrai frugivore, bons fruits et santé

why human made for eternal life, not for dying / pourquoi l'humain : pour la vie éternelle ; pas la mort ?
in a same family of fruits, comparison of vision for food

beggar / humanitarian : perversion, in drama triangle (dramatique) : victim / persecutor / rescuer - sauveur : mendiant / humanitaire (soon with pictures)
sortir de la guerre, du terrorisme, pollution - emerge from war + avoir dépopulation pacifique intègre - honorable (soon with pictures)

see the animal order for the true superior human sexuality
the folishness of the law against abortion, instead of giving the true mean for not having children

comparaison with animals to see that day-nursery- crêche - is a regress for human